People often wonder how I ended up loving tax! 

I started out thinking of becoming a Medical Doctor, and then realized that Math was my thing! I ended up becoming an accountant with various designations added to my name :).  In the course of interning for accounting firms, I worked on in-depth tax issues, I honestly did not find that journey funny! Then I came across various tax cases and found a number of them to be hilarious and quite interesting! I also entered the world of international taxation and tax treaties and also found that  interesting!  I saw the positive impact tax planning had on individuals and businesses . Having worked in various countries, I saw this impact in various individuals and industries in these countries . Even as a practicing accountant I realize that everything ends in tax! The global economy also runs on tax revenue, thus tax policies and tax regulations are important worldwide!

Like Benjamin Franklin said, there are only two things certain in life: death and taxes. 

I was sold! I obtained my Masters in Taxation and decided to focus my Ph.D.B.A. dissertation on Taxation. Researching for my literature review exposed me to different facets of taxation written by renowned scholars around the globe. Amazing! I have developed in class and online training; written and  presented various papers at various forums, organizations and radio stations focusing on Business,Accounting, US and International Tax issues.

I am currently the Managing Partner of INI ADESANYA CPA PLLC. I decided to start this company to have a larger platform focused on training and the provision of various resources to US and International Small and Medium Sized companies to help them succeed! I also engage in public speaking through this platform.

Of course it’s not all work! Apart from travelling, playing games and generally looking for ways to have  fun with my family, I am also a licensed Zumba instructor!Yep! Dancing to keep fit! Count me in!!